3 DIY Washing Machine Repair Tips

3 DIY Washing Machine Repair Tips

Is your washing machine shaking, leaking, or making a strange noise? These easy DIY washing machine repair tips will help you quickly figure out what's wrong and get it working like new, without breaking the bank.

Most appliances aren't made to last forever. Washing machines only have a typical lifespan of 11 years. Though, they have a tendency to break down and need maintenance as much as any other appliance.

Depending on how many years you want to keep your washing machine, the repair costs could start adding up. That's why you should learn to fix those small problems on your own.

These DIY washing machine repair tips will make you a pro in no time.

Washing Machine Repair Tips

There are several common, minor washing machine issues that people run into. A majority of them can be handled by the homeowner if they feel capable. Here are common problems and their easy, DIY solutions.

1. My Washing Machine Won't Turn On

We've all been there, in a hurry but something won't work. You need your work shirt to dry so you won't be late.

But the machine won't turn on. Now what?

Before you panic, take a second to look and make sure the plug didn't come loose. It sounds silly. Of course it's plugged in, right?

Yet sometimes it can come loose or pets can knock it out of its plug. Either way, it would be the easiest fix if that's what it is. If it's not, you can check the breaker.

If that doesn't work, check the lid switch. Those can get broken or full of gunk, and then they won't work. Also, check that the hoses aren't damaged.

2. My Washing Machine Is Leaking Water

When you find water on the floor coming from your machine, your first thought is repair costs. You need to have someone fix it or buy a new one. Though, you might be able to fix it on your own.

The very first thing you should check is the drain pipe. Is it still secure? If not, re-connect it.

The pipe could also have a clog. When that happens, water will go anywhere to be released.

A good way to know where to check for the problem is to remember:

  • Front-end leaks are from overflowing pipes
  • Leaks toward the back are from damaged hoses
  • Under the washer, it could be the pump/internal hoses

If the pipes are connected, try looking for damaged hoses. There could be a crack or a torn hose that's leaking water underneath. Hoses aren't expensive parts to replace.

3. Washing Machine Is Shaking Violently

It can be startling when you suddenly hear a loud sound coming from the laundry room. When you go check, the washer is shaking violently. This can happen most often with compact, front-loading machines.

Check to make sure the load is still even. If you put too many clothes in at once, they can bunch up. This causes the load to be uneven and shake the machine.

The other cause could be because it's become unlevel. Washing machines need to be level in order to work.

Check to make sure everything is even. Also, the floor can become uneven if you live on a top floor or don't have good floor bracing.

Washing Machine Repair and Parts

Washing machine repair can be daunting at first. With the right resources and washing machine parts, you can do it for less. You also won't have to wait for a repair service to make time for you.

If it's not the washing machine that's breaking down, it's something else. Read how to repair your dryer before it happens.

Oct 18th 2018

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